What is the best way to get business class with Velocity points?


I have close to 300K velocity points. I’d like to go next year to Europe and use this points to upgrade to business class for 3 people. Is there a way to go about it?
Last year I went to Europe with Lufthansa and they sent me an email to upgrade my tickets to business. I only paid $1000 per person. It was a bargain ! The upper floor of the A380 was pretty empty. That’s why the cheap offer. But it’s never certain those prices are available.
Any ideas?

Upgrades using Velocity Points is only possible on Virgin Australia’s own flights. Plus, upgrading on Long Haul flights require Gold status or higher.

It seems cash is the way to go if you are upgrading.

300k Velocity points is enough to outright redeem for a return trip in business class though so that might be an option you could look into instead of upgrading.

I thought I could book Etihad. No good? What about transferring the points to Etihad or Singapore, buy economy and upgrade with points? Feasible? Worth it?

You can transfer Velocity points to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer but at a ratio of 1.55:1. As I have said in another thread, points required to transfer to Krisflyer for a round trip upgrade is more than what you need for an outright reward ticket. Not to mention the many fare class restrictions that comes with upgrades.

Many people want to use their points to upgrade their tickets but don’t understand that it is often filled with restrictions as to what types of tickets (ie Sale Economy tickets not being eligible) and the points required is often similar to just outright redeeming. Unless you are forced to pay for a ticket (like getting reimbursed for work), redeeming outright is often better, guaranteeing you that Business Class seat instead of playing the upgrade lottery and end up slumming it in economy.


thanks for the insight. I’ll look into it