What is the best way to get 2,054 Krisflyer Elite miles before end June?

I got retrenched from a high travel job in January well on the way to Singapore Gold and I now find myself just 2,054 points away from Gold. I did a lot of travel in June 2023 so the bulk will end up thrown away at end of June.

I don’t know what kind of job I’ll end up with but it seems sensible to go for the gold if there’s an easy way to get it.

What are the easiest, cheapest ways to get these? I’m aware that Elite miles need flights. So perhaps something on a partner airline can make it work?

I also just got Velocity Gold too, so it’s like a golden year with not a lot of flying to take advantage of it. Damn!

Edited to add: I’m in Sydney

Spending some money on shopping via KrisShop might be an attractive option. https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/sg/plan-travel/promotions/global/kf/kf-promo/statuscredits/#:~:text=From%205%20March%202024%20to%204%20June%202024%2C%20eligible%20purchases,PPS%20Value%20or%20Elite%20miles.

If you have to fly bum on seats, you earn circa 2k Elite Miles from Sydney to Singapore depending on what fare type you book. (Don’t know where you are based).

Oh I didn’t know the Kris+ and KrisShop were offering Elite Miles but they are until early June. This seems like an avenue!

Most of the Kris+ deals in Australia are restaurants. I might be able to corral a bunch of mates out for a dinner and split the bill but I pay it.