What is the best way to earn 65 Qantas status credit from Sydney?

My membership year has 140 days left, I have no more flights planned for the year but am 65 SC short of retaining platinum. I’m not flying much next year, so that would slip me back to silver in 2026 when I am planning to fly a fair bit. I am Sydney based and am looking to take a weekend away somewhere and get the 65 SC.

Any tips would be most welcome

There should be a Qantas double status credit promotion coming up soon in the next few weeks (they usually come in February or March). You could consider booking flights to Cairns with a connection in Brisbane, or maybe the Whitsundays, or even Melbourne or Adelaide and you should be able to get the 65 status credits quite easily.

You can use the Fly for Points search engine. If you pick Oneworld and Qantas Frequent Flyer from the menu, the search engine will find you different routes to the same destination using only Oneworld airlines. The engine sorts the results automatically by status points/aud.

Here are some examples of the results:

Direct flights are expensive and don’t give you enough points (60 points for $2445). Connecting flights for the same route are way cheaper and give you more points (95 points for $1145).

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