What is the best way to contact Qantas frequent flyer when outside of Australia?

Hi. We have been trying to add a couple of sectors to our round the world ticket with Qantas. We tried unsuccessfully with QF messenger via frequent flyer app. They told us to contact via QF frequent flyer help line. There was a very long wait and we left our number to be called back, but nobody did. Another messenger told us to use the QF Webchat but after waiting for many hours, no instant Webchat popped up on our screen. We sent email directly to them but it took almost a week to get a reply asking us to either call or use Webchat. Long story short, we have now missed the dateline of point increase and still couldn’t add on our new sectors. We are now relocated to Thailand and QF office in Thailand couldn’t help us either, we were told that they didn’t have an access to frequent flyer program as it was only handled by Australian office. They gave us the phone number in Oz but of course, no-one answered and we couldn’t wait for hours for someone to do so. We have Qantas sms num but it can only be used by Australian mobile numbers which we no longer have. Any suggestion would be most appreciated. Cheers, Wichit

Given your location, the best way would be to use either their Twitter or Facebook Messenger bot. Contact them directly through Twitter or Messenger (don’t do it through Qantas app).

If they can’t help you there, you could try calling them at less popular times. They open 7am-7pm AEST Mon-Sat so calling right when they open is best. That would mean calling at 4am Thailand local time.

Thank you so much for your suggestions. Let’s hope that we have better luck this time. Cheers,

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