What is the best way to book flights using Velocity Points?

HI folks,

I’m super new to all of this, i have about 300K in point with velocity which has taken a few years to rack up. Although I’m not looking at doing it now, where is the best place to purchase flight tickets with rewards points. I checked velocity and they want a lot of points for one person return eg Sydney to Japan. This is more curiosity for future plans.


Check out the following PointHacks article.


If you have more questions after, please ask and we will try and help.

Redeemed via Velocity and flying via Singapore, it should cost 118000 1 way on business.

If transferring to Krisflyer, on the same route as above, it should cost 65875 Krisflyer (88931 Velocity points) 1 way on business.

To learn how to weigh up the pros and cons, please have a read of this.

In summary, if you are point rich, go via velocity for lower surcharge/tax. If you are short of points, go via Krisflyer.

Thanks folks appreciate it.