What is the best way to book a Qantas RTW trip if seats on some leg are not yet available?


2 questions regarding RWT One World Qantas using FF points;
1.If you were planning a trip over say 3 months, with flights at different times throughout, given there are few seats per flight allocated and that to get these seats you need to book as close as possible to when the window opens i.e… 353 days out…can you progressively book each flight?..otherwise if you have to wait until the last flight in your 3 month trip to book all flights then in essence you have to wait until 263 days out (353 less 90/3 months)…thus reducing the chance of booking seats.

2.If you don’t have enough points i.e… need 280,000 points(business) and have 130,000 can you pay for points to make up the difference

Thankyou David

Qantas frequent flyer only allows you to purchase a maximum of 25% of your current points balance, capped at an absolute maximum of 60,000 points per calander year. For you this won’t help as you need much more than that.

Also yes you do need to wait until the last of your flights becomes available if you wish to book it as a round the world which saves you the points. If you are concerned about waiting the alternative is to buy a succession of one-way award seats for the routes which you want, which will ensure that you get the desired seats on the desired dates, however obviously you will pay significantly more than you would for a Round the World redemption.

You will need to weigh up what suits you better. If you have flexibility in your itinerary then I’d suggest waiting and booking the RTW itinerary once all flights are available, but if you are very tightly booked and need to travel from one city to another on a particular day and you don’t have the flexibility to look at alternatives, then I’d just pay the extra points/cash.



Thanks Jimmy…appreciated the feedback.Cheers David

Just to add to Jimmy’s post, buying ‘top up’ points from Qantas is spending money for points and having nothing to show for it. Consider purchasing wine from Qantas Wine which offers generous bonus points per case. I just did a dummy purchase of 8000 points and the cost is $275. You can purchase a case of quality wine for the same amount and receive 8000 bonus points :slight_smile: