What is the best value use of 500K Amex Gateway Membership Rewards points aside from premium flights?

As per the title, I am looking for ways to maximise value outside of exchanging the 500K Amex Gateway Rewards points aside from travelling business/first class. However, I do travel quite frequently to Asia, so I was thinking of converting it KrisFlyer to redeem on economy Singapore Airline Flights. (375K Kris Flyer Points after conversion) Given that I have never taken Singapore Airline before, I am not sure if it is worth it. Also, have they promoted any conversion bonus previously for Amex Gateway?

There is an offer lately that provide 100% more HHonors points conversion. However, looking at the value chart, it seems like its not really worth the $.

Looking for advice from the gurus here :slight_smile:


Singapore Airlines is well known for offering one of the best Economy product in the industry.

Transferring Amex points to Krisflyer is one of the better ways to make use of Amex points. At least in my opinion.