What is the best use of American Express points? via Hello World, Webjet or Krisflyer?

Hi Point Hacks Community,

I’m relatively new to this whole points thing.

We have a small family business and my dad has jacked up a good amount of points on the the American Express card and I have permission to use them. Several family members (3adults, 2 kids, 1 infant) are looking to make the trek from Auckland to Delhi, most likely via Malaysia or Singapore. Must go early December 2018 to early Jan 2019 (attending wedding on 6 Jan). However I am quite confused as there are a number of different ways to book and I’m trying to work out the best. On Singapore airlines the total cost of flights for all would be around $8285 NZD.

The options are as follows:
(1) Directly through the American Express website (seems to be 1 point = .075 - a little bit under one cent)
(2) Hello World (1 point = .075)
(3) Web Jet (1 point = .075)
(4) Transfer points to either Singapore Airlines or Air NZ. Both 2 points for 1 mile. I don’t have existing accounts and so can’t work out how many miles I need.

I am finding it difficult to assess how may miles I would need if I transferred the points to Singapore Airlines.

I would really appreciate any tips on what option is the best, and any pointers on how many Krisflyer miles I would need if I transferred points.

Thanks guys! I look forward to any replies.


Hi Hardeep,

Let’s try to do the sums. If I get them wrong hopefully another reader who’s more mathematically-inclined than I am will correct me!

I’m assuming (a) that AmEx, Hello World and Webjet are offering more-or-less the same price as Singapore Airlines is (ie. NZ$8285), and (b) that you’re not paying for your infant. If I’m wrong on either of those assumptions, you’ll hopefully be able to make the relevant adjustments yourself.

If you go through one of the travel agencies and convert your AmEx points into $, at a conversion rate of 1 point = o.75c, you’ll need about 1,100,000 AmEx points to get $8285 worth of flights.

Now let’s work out how many KrisFlyer miles you’ll need. Aukland-Delhi return in Economy is 80,000 KrisFlyer Miles (at the cheapest “Saver” redemption rate). So for 5 people, you’ll need 400,000 KrisFlyer miles which equals 800,000 AmEx points at a 2:1 conversion rate.

A return Premium Economy reward seat will cost 127,000 KrisFlyer miles, so for 5 people that converts to 1,270,000 AmEx points.

A return Business reward seat will cost 152,000 KrisFlyer miles = 1.52 million AmEx points.

Assuming that the $8285 you quote above is for Economy tickets: if you can find “Saver” reward seat availability, you will need fewer points for an Economy seat and only marginally more for a Premium Economy seat. Even Business seats are not all that much more expensive.

The bottom line (and assuming my sums/assumptions are correct): convert your AmEx points into KrisFlyer miles if you can find reward seat availability. I suggest you open a KrisFlyer account – joining is free and it will enable you to search for availability. I personally wouldn’t bother with AirNZ/Airpoints.

I hope this helps!

Its always going to be the cheapest to redeem the Amex points to Kris Flyer and then book the Saver redemption seats.

and its very easy to register an account at KF and see what seats are available.
Or you can refer to this chart (page 2)