What is the best strategy to pool miles earned on Singapore Airlines flights?

I’ve got some paid flights with Singapore Airlines coming up with my family and am looking for the best way to pool the miles earned from the flights for future use to grab rewards seats on SIA.
From what I’ve read, you can’t transfer KrisFlyer miles between adults, only from children to adults by setting up KrisFlyer Family, so I’ll do that.

To be able to transfer points from my wife to myself, is the best strategy to use her Velocity membership, then transfer the Velocity miles to me? I realise that we’d take a hit twice, firstly by earning less miles compared to KrisFlyer miles, and then once we convert from Velocity to KrisFlyer in the future.

Any other ideas?


I think you’ve probably thought of most things already.

Another factor to consider is what your current Krisflyer or Velocity point/mile balance is like. And also whether you have any future way of accumulating both points/miles easily.

If your wife have a flexible point earning card, you could continue to build the Krisflyer mile up to an usable balance.

E.g. you could end up redeeming 1 seat via Velocity and 3 seats via Krisflyer (depending how big your family is) on the same Singapore Airlines flight.

If you don’t have an easy way to earn and collect points in a particular program (e.g. Krisflyer) in the one single account, then there is not much point leave some orphaned points in a separate acct, no matter how much points you can earn in comparison.

E.g. if your wife have no other way to earn Krisflyer miles to build on the miles earned from this upcoming flight, it may be better crediting to Velocity, which is much easier to earn points with in Australia.

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Thanks for your reply w.hiew, I appreciate it!
A few things to think about…

As you are considering using Velocity to pool the points earned, it may also be worthwhile considering the value of the status points earned by your family members and then pooled to your Velocity account. I realise that doesn’t relate to pooling points but it may help you achieve the benefits of higher status. Just a thought . . .