What is the best strategy for booking premium cabin flight for a family of four?

Looking to take our family of four (will have a 3 and 5yo by then) to Europe in 2023 probably in August in business class. I’ve read a number of posts that suggest 4 reward tickets in business class on the same flight, even if you are flexible on dates etc, is unlikely/ impossible. One option is obviously to fly different days but is it realistic to try for 2 reward seats in first and 2 in business on the same flight? That way we can at least be on the same flight. We are on track to have enough points for this option. Our preference is to not fly premium economy.

Ideally I would try for a Oneworld RTW ticket and include a few stops in Europe but need to manage expectations on what is realistic.

For 2023, you are certainly a bit early to plan right now given the uncertain situation in the airline industry and the very likely devaluations of frequent flyer programs coming. But some general advice:

  1. Yes, finding 4 tickets will be hard with the predicted resumption of mass travel by 2023 so start looking around 365 days out/when the schedule opens.
  2. OneWorld RTW tickets could be a good option if you are going beyond just Europe. You could sneak in a trip to America or Asia, etc.

Thanks @djtech. General advice is what I was after as this will be my first points redemption experience. First preference will be to try and find 4 business class on the same flight when they are first released, if not then I’ll try to split between business and first but the more I read I realise the number of airlines that offer first class is reducing and finding 2 reward seats in first is also tricky.

I can’t even imagine how tense it must be once the schedule opens and you are trying various options to to get where you need to go whilst others are trying to snap up the same tickets!

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It’s not tense: it’s the thrill of the chase! And there are few better feelings than finally snaffling those precious business/first class seats!