What is the best premium economy option if travelling from Sydney to Los Angeles with a toddler?

My husband and I are travelling to the US at the end of August and I have 260,000 AMEX membership rewards points that I’m hoping to use to put towards our flights.

Given the short timeframe, I think the ship has sailed on scoring award business flights to LAX so we’re looking at our options for premium economy. We’ll be travelling with our (almost) 2 year old son at the time so we’re looking for anything that will give us max leg room and a shred of hope for getting some sleep.

What would be the best airline to book with to get us to LAX? Am I dreaming to get award seats in this timeframe?

I think you can do it. But unlikely you can fly direct.

Have a read of this: https://www.pointhacks.com.au/top-tips-award-flights-usa/

I can see award availability flying with Korean Air via Seoul (but only did a basic check for 1 passenger and assumed you were flying out of SYD for 2 weeks).

Thanks for this!  Can I ask a total noob question - where do you see award availability on Korean Air?  I just did a flight search on the Korean Air site and I can see flights but only for paid fares?