What is the best option to buy points for flights from Perth to Europe (Mar/Apr 2019)?

Hi all,

I’m transferring my current stash of Velocity points to Krisflyer and redeeming 2x FCO to PER (J) in late-April for my wife and I.

We have around 300,000 Velocity points at the moment. However, I’ll only have around ~40,000 Velocity points leftover after purchasing the flight home, and we still need to get to Europe in the first place.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to buying points to Europe? Given we are booking late, we’re flexible with where we arrive.

Haven’t found anything suitable with Alaska, did find some availability with AA, but it’s proving quite expensive - would require at least AU$4,000 plus taxes for a one way trip for two people.

Also open to booking a cash economy ticket for a shorter leg (e.g. Perth to Singapore or Hong Kong); and then buying points for a longer leg to Europe, if that works out significantly more cost effective.

I’ve looked into similar scenarios myself - are you keen to consider flying MH?



If you have an AMEX card not linked to Qantas you can (or could when I last needed them in 2017) buy points at A$25/thousand which is about the same price you can by AA points for when they are on sale.  You have to phone up to do it.  The agents at Amex are generally not aware of this service!  Ask them to check. Points are credited to the account immediately

Interestingly they do not treat it as a cash advance so you get to wait until the next statement due date before you have to acrtually make the payment and the payment itself earns points.

You can then transfer the points on about 6 different FF partners eg KrisFlyer/Thai/Asia Miles/Virgin etc.  Thai will probably give you the best possibility of a near term redemption seat