What is the best frequent flyer program for earning on our round the world family trip?

Hi team

We have have had a mad rush of blood and are taking the family (2 adult, 4 kids) on a RTW trip on multiple airlines in the next couple of months.

I am wondering what the best frequent flyer program would be from the point of earning points and being able to use them easily from Aus in the future (either domestic or international). Ideally also being able to transfer points among family members.

The airlines that we will be on are:

Air Canada
Aer Lingus
Silk Air

We are all current Qantas members, but that’s not much help across these carriers!

We’ll be very grateful for any suggestions


Most of the airlines you have listed are members of the Star Alliance. Some of the airlines are partners of Velocity Frequent Flyer. So without looking at the earn rate for your specific fare class, I would suggest the 2 programs.

VFF has family transfer and pooling. Krisflyer can transfer to VFF and the other way round to for a price (1.35:1).

You could also check out wheretocredit.com .

Hi Easer,

I agree with Warren’s suggestion, your best bet would be to redeem the points to Krisflyer and Velocity.

Just keep in mind that flying certain fare types won’t get you any Krisflyer points. I recently flew from Australia to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and did not earn any Krisflyer points due to the fare type!

Take a look here: https://www.singaporeair.com/saar5/pdf/ppsclub_krisflyer/charts/KFOALLevels.pdf and check if your flight will earn any Krisflyer points.



Thanks Thomas

It does look like Krisflyer is the way to go for the bulk of our flights.

From what I can see, we can earn QANTAS points on Aer Lingus.

With a bit of digging around, I found that Alsaka is a partner of Icelandair, so can earn Alaska points to use on QANTAS.

… I think …