What is the baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines RTW in Business Class?

I have booked a RTW redemption booking in business class through Singapore Airlines and it has been ticketed. On it, it states my luggage allowance is 2 pieces per person but no kg limit. I called the Singapore Airlines number and the agent was very unsure but thought it was only up to 30kg per person which is less than the usual 40kg per person with Singapore Airlines in business class and much less than the normal 32kg per person I would expect on the first leg from Melbourne to Vancouver I would have expected. Does anyone know where I can find out what the allowance is? The agent suggested calling all the airlines individually but even still, that would leave me on the last leg with Singapore airlines with only 30kg…


I think it looks like 40kg for Singapore Airlines except to and from USA. https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/au/travel-info/baggage/checked-baggage/

Some agents (all companies) are dud agents. If you really want to check, I would hang up and call again (HUACA).

That’s what I thought but the agent had specifically stated 2 pieces up to 30kg as it is a redemption booking. Unfortunately the page you have shared doesn’t specify that it applies to redemption and cash equally. I have asked for a call back from a supervisor who will hopefully be able to shine a light on the matter but if anyone has had first hand experience of this then I’d love to hear from you!

So I had a call back from a manager who reiterated that it was 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 30kgs per person. I asked him to email me this with the source included which should come through later today…

UPDATE: received an email with the below link to Star Alliance RTW terms and conditions:
Section 4.3 states:

  • For economy class you may allow for one (1) piece of baggage at the weight of 20kg, business class travel allows for two (2) pieces at a combined weight of 30kg and first class two (2) pieces at a combined weight of 40kg may be checked free of charge for the whole itinerary/journey.
    So there you have it, only 2 pieces weighing a total maximum weight of 30kg per person.

Thanks for the update. That is indeed a bummer.

“In some instances individual carriers may apply a higher free baggage allowance. Please refer to individual carriers for potential baggage charges and more information should you require additional allowance.”

30kg is probably the minimum across airlines in a Star Alliance RTW redemption.

And may be of use for others travelling with Singapore Airlines first who may have other airlines which allow more but they’re our last flights so looks like only 30kgs for us.

My view on this (not 100% certain of course) is that the baggage allowance is dependant on the airlines flying you for that leg. If it is Singapore Air metal, it is 40kg. 30kg will be the minimum allowance depending on whether other Star Alliance members have baggage allowance below 30kg. Whether or not you fly Singapore Air first or last, it shouldn’t matter.

I would hope you are correct, the original agent did invite me to call all 10 of the other airlines we are flying with and check individually but I was speaking with agents and a manager from Singapore Airlines who told me categorically that on their flights the maximum allowance was 30kg per person with a 2 piece limit. If anyone else has heard differently or has experienced it themselves I’d be happy to hear from you :slight_smile:

Dear britabroad79,
I am trying to book a business RTW ticket through Singapore Air using Kris Flyer miles for a departure in 2020. I am using the Star Alliance ticket. Can I ask how you booked your RTW ticket (i.e did you email flight requests to Singapore and they made the booking)? How long is your trip for and when were you able to make the booking? I have a question listed on this forum, but no-one has replied yet. Many thanks in anticipation.
John Boland

Hi John, I booked our rtw tickets back in November last year and our first flight is just 9 days away now. Very excited!! I did research on the Star Alliance rtw website to look at routing but at 7 months away we had to change our itinerary several times as there just wasn’t award availability. I called Singapore Airlines here in Australia over a 2 week period to lock in all the flights/routing and they would call back with any issues. We knew roughly where we wanted to go and for our Singapore Airlines flights there were no issues but we couldn’t get to the Southern States of the USA as we wanted and the South American flights we were going to take we opted to change due to poor reviews.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Dear britabroad79,
Thank you very much for your reply. In this you mentioned you “called Singapore Air here in Australia over a 2 week period to lock in all flights/routing and they would call back with any issues”. Does this mean you progressively added flights one by one each time and they held the booking until you got your next flight locked in? The impression I ma getting from Singapore Air via email is they will only book the whole fare after the last flight is available. Do you have a contact number for who you called in Sydney? Their generic customer service email service is generally of poor quality in its responses. Sorry for hassling you here, but your booking offers some hope it can be done! I hope you get to have a great trip!
John Boland

Hi John,
We could book them all at the same time as we were booking 7 months out from the start of the journey so less than 10 months before the last flight. The reason for all the calls was issues with availability and routing - we had to be fairly flexible with our routing as availability was less than ideal. I would highly recommend calling them and if the agent you are speaking with seems unsure then either hang up and call back or ask to speak with a specialist. We were offered a couple of routes which ended up being outside of the terms and conditions of the RTW ticket so then we had to look again at that specific portion. The number I called was 131 011.
Good luck!

Dear Graham,
Thanks for your time replying. I will see how I go. Once again enjoy that trip!
John Boland