What is best way to fly Sydney to Rome return using Qantas points?

I have >500,000 points and wanted to consider premium economy and use points plus pay’
Appreciate your guidance

Hi zarsmith,

Don’t do it! You have enough points to get to Rome and back in First Class. Using your points to go Premium Economy is like inheriting a million dollars and celebrating by going to McDonalds. You’re aiming way too low. You should be aiming for First class or, failing that, Business class.

Here’s how: You have to use what Qantas calls “Classic Flight Rewards”. You can use your Qantas points to fly either Emirates or Qatar to Rome. Both have First class. If you don’t find availability, you might need to settle for Business class on one of those airlines or Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, JAL or some combination of Oneworld airlines. Just click on “Use Points” or “Classic Flight Rewards” when you’re entering the flight details on the Qantas website.

Feel free to come back to this forum and ask for more specific help with dates, airlines etc. You’ll probably need to be a bit flexible because Classic Flight Rewards, especially to Europe, can be difficult to come by. But using “Points + Pay” is not a great use of points. This article explains why.

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Great news - thanks for this advice - will check out and let you know how I went.