What if I go on an earlier domestic flight and no show the first flight on another itinerary?

Hi everyone!

I hope you managed to book something decent with the recent Qantas release of classic award bookings!

I will try and word my question in short, I already had classic award flights booked from MEL to LHR for July (that I booked months ago), but the new offering had some better flights available, so I made changes with Qantas over the phone.

My old ticket was on 2 separate bookings. QF462 MEL > SYD on one booking; and JL flights to London on another.

My new ticket is QF444 MEL > SYD followed by QF1 SYD > LHR in one booking.

Now here is the question: The new ticket doesn’t give me a very long layover (which I want). If I keep my existing domestic booking and fly to SYD earlier in the day, will the fact that I didn’t show up for my later flight cancel my international leg? Clearly this would be a disaster!

Hoping someone will know :slight_smile:

Really appreciate any help or thoughts you guys have.

PS: I did try to ask to change the new domestic leg but “apparently” there is nothing earlier.

Yes, by missing your first flight in the itinerary, you would cancel the next flights onwards! If it is any consolation, the Sydney international business lounge is quite underwhelming anyway so I wouldn’t mind spending less time in Sydney! Keep in mind too that your luggage will be checked all the way to London! Enjoy the Singapore lounges though!

I have passes for the first class lounge and they won’t let me add it to the domestic leg to use in Melbourne :pensive:

Ahh I see. Best to see if there is any reward seats on the Melbourne to Sydney leg that opens up then!

I think because it is a linked/connecting flight it won’t let me change. There is stacks of availability on that day if I look to book it separately, which is how my question came about to begin with.

I don’t want to risk invalidating my ticket. I’ll just rock up early and ask nicely. Hopefully they’re nice enough at the check in desk and have the capability to stick me on an earlier flight. I could use a neck and shoulder massage before the long haul :joy:

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