What happens if flights are cancelled after Krisflyer expiry?

Like many others I have about 500000 Kris Flyer miles which start expiring from January 2023. Sing Air said I can book flights for after the expiry date, but no changes can be made to the flights once expiry date has passed. I am not confident of the reply. Can someone confirm this is the case and what happens if a flight gets cancelled by the airline. Do you lose the points or are you permitted to book another flight?

TLDR: You can book, and change, but not cancel.

The Singapore air agent is half right here. You can book flights beyond the expiry date but if you cancel the booking after the expiry date, you will not have your points returned to your account. You can amend the booking by paying the change fee.
In the case of a cancellation, they will reaccomodate you on an alternate flight. I had this situation recently with Krisflyer, where I had a partner star alliance flight booking that was cancelled. They couldn’t put me on the same partner airline so they created space on Singapore Airlines to accommodate me. So, their accomodations for cancelled tickets are quite generous in that regard.

Dear djtech,
Thank you very much for your reply, which was reassuring.
John Boland