What does 'Not available' mean when redeeming awards on Singapore Airlines?


Sorry, this might seem a rather dumb question. I managed to get a Business Saver rewards for 2 people SYD to AMS mid September 2017. Now trying to get the return flight from Rome to Sydney in Business class around mid October 2017. It has been showing as ‘Not available’ for a few weeks now. But it has availability in Economy which is not my preference.

I am not sure if ‘Not available’ means it will not ever open availability or do o just keep on checking? My other option is to get it from Milan to Sydney as there are more flights departing from Milan whereas Rome has only 3 flights per week which can be redeemed by awards.

It’s likely to be one of two things. Either there are no seats available (Singapore does not release seats on every flight or they’ve already been taken) or you are looking at dates where Singapore does not fly from Rome to Singapore (i.e. they only fly 3 days a week).