What does "Excludes government charges" mean?

What does this exclusion really mean? earning points on eligible purchases but excludes govt charges. I have a anz black qantas ff card but I still earn points paying my rates and taxes, water bills etc?

This may have something to do with reaching the minimum spend to qualify for bonus points.

I also have ANZ black and use that Amex to pay for my bills. As far as I know the bank issued Amex’s earn the full rate on utilities. Some Amex issued cards earn 0.5 points on utilities.

It may also be in relation to ATO payments.


It’s not to do with min spend for eligible points . It’s to do with transactions that don’t earnt points. I have an ANZ black and have no problem earning points on utilities and council bills. I think government charges means things like fines, land taxes. ATO payments no longer points with ANZ.

Ok, we are looking for a visa or master card that earns points on land tax bills etc? Not sure if there are any that do it anymore?  We use Amex where we can.