What do you think of my take on buying and earning points for first class travel?

Hi all, after exploring many combinations, frequent flyer airlines and memberships for travel on first class to/from asia/europe.  i have come to my own conclusion on what works best for buying and earning and using points for travel to/from europe. I’d like to see if you agree or disagree or have any recomendations/thoughts

  1. citibank and velocity cards are the best to earn points as you can convert to krisflyer miles to book singapore first class. krisflyer or velocity points can not be bought on promotions therefore unlike the others below, they are best to be earnt.
  2. lifemiles are best to purchase on promotion to travel thai first class to bangkok and to and from europe. they are also cheapest for business class travel throughtout europe on star alliance network
  3. aa miles are best to be bought whilst on promotions as you can travel on emirates, ba, and cathay on first class to asia/europe
  4. alaskan airlines are best to be bought on promotion to travel first class on cathay pacific to hong kong/europe
  5. united mileage plus comes in last as it similar to lifemiles only more expensive?

That’s my round up on best miles to purchase and earn for especially first class travel. community your thoughts please…

  1. Yes, VA and KF points are not possible to buy and are more easily earned by credit card usage, so are a good target.
  2. Yep, Lifemiles are a good bet for Thai redemptions
  3. AA miles - you can’t travel on Emirates, but you may have meant Etihad. Otherwise, yep.
  4. Alaska - yep
  5. United - can be cheap from Australia to Asia, also easier to deal with in terms of customer service.



thanks for your confirmations. i think i have got my head around travelling on the premium carriers to and from europe via asia. if you have any other tip/pointers on travel with premiuim carriers please do share.


have you written an article on aeroplan miles by anychance??


now to try and get my head around hotel awards!