What destinations do you suggest for an anniversary? I have 300k Qantas points

Hi folks, my lovely wife and I want to go on a special trip for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in about 18 months’ time.

I have 300K QF points and we would like to do Business return, but we’re not particularly enamoured of Asia (mainly due to the heat).

Bearing that in mind, and that we’ve been to London, Europe and L.A. a fair bit, does the community have any recommendations for our trip using points (seeing as how QF business class redemptions are so difficult)?

One option could be Emirates first (216,000 points return for both) or business (144,000 return for both)  to New Zealand, there is often quite good availability for these tickets  and while fairly close to Australia this could actually be a good thing, less hassle and tiredness to overcome, more time to enjoy your specual time in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Another option could be exploring Australia in business class, these tickets can be quite expensive and can represent good value for you points.  Both these options may also allow you left over points to use on accomodation if you wanted to go that way.



Fantastic answer.   I neglected to mention that we had the pleasure of doing just that last year.  Half-empty, cabin crew dying for something to do - we were drowned in good service.  Only downer was that they wouldn’t let us enjoy a shower together :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

But thanks again for such a good suggestion.


One option is Japan for 144k  Qantas points return per person in Business class from AU East Coast. TBH, Asia is rather large and doesn’t necessarily mean the tropical climate. If Japan doesn’t tickle your fancy, maybe others can recommend some other destination for your consideration.

Congrats on celebrating 25 years together :).

Thanks for your neat reply.

Japan is definitely attractive, as it’s far enough north to be nice and cold :slight_smile:  My geography is not brilliant, but I think that Narita might be the only North Asian destination that QF fly to.

But my experience so far has been that there’s no business redemption class seats (even a year out) to Japan.

Any hints?