What champagne does Qantas serve in domestic business class?

a quick question - does Qantas serve champagne in J on SYD-MEL route (A330)?
if yes - which one?


I have never flow on a domestic flight within AU on any airline that actually serves “Champagne”, a word that gets very misused in this country! Even QF Transtasman serves sweet AU bubbles and VF Transtasman does even have bubbles in J class. An outrage and disappointment for both airlines. Air NZ & Emirates serve correctly. Anyway, I probably have not helped with your question.

Yeap yeap, I meant Champagne :wink: thanks a lot- that’s exactly what I was trying to figure out!

How does this question relate to earning or using points?

Directly related. Because depending on the answer I will either upgrade or not. (With points).

I am pretty sure last time I flew it was an Australian sparking, rather than Champagne

https://www.qantas.com.au/WineTasting/About.do confirm what the others have mentioned about only sparkling wine being served instead of champagne in domestic J.