What best to do with 3k expiring Krisflyer miles?

Hey guys,
long time reader first time poster.

I know it’s not much of a points tally with krisflyer (43.518miles) as my main frequent flyer is velocity.

Just wondering what would be the best options for the points as they expire in June.

You could just transfer them to VFF at /1.55

thought about it.
when i calculated it 43,000 miles ended up being 27,700 velocity frequent flyers

… but 27700 Velocity points is better than 0 KrisFlyer points if you let them expire!

Alternatively, 43000 KrisFlyer points is more than enough for an economy round trip to NZ on Singapore Air or Air NZ, or for a round trip to anywhere in Australia on Virgin. In Business class those points will get you a one-way flight to anywhere in Australia or NZ, or a round trip anywhere within what KrisFlyer calls the “Australia 1” zone (NSW, Qld, Vic, SA, Tas, ACT). You can access the relevant award tables here and here.