What baggage allowance do I get on a Qantas codeshare Emirates flight as a Platinum Qantas member?


I had a question with the Qantas / Emirates code share flights - Qantas booking, plane operated by Emirates & I am a Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer Member. I am flying from Australia → DXB → Europe return all on QF8xxx code share flights between Qantas & Emirates.

On the Qantas under checked baggage, it says that I am allowed (As Platinum FF & flying to Europe via Dubai from Australia) 50Kg of baggage at this site: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/travel-info/baggage/checked-baggage.html

However, when viewing the webpage on Qantas’ website about Emirates as a partner directly, it says that I am not entitled to that bonus. However, about this table it says to refer to the 1st webpage for potential bonuses due to code share flights. This led me to believe that I do get the extra luggage.

However, to confirm this I called Qantas support & they agreed I had the extra baggage. Minutes after the call ended, they called me back to urgently tell me that it wasn’t actually true & I don’t get additional luggage. Furthermore, when calling Emirates, they agreed that I had no additional luggage.

I am currently very confused and would like clarification as to what I am entitled to as a I am getting several conflicting stories.

Anyone had this issue before and can provide some insight?


Based on what I read on the website link you provided and what I read when looking up “Qantas Emirates partnership” on both Qantas and Emirates website, it leads me to think on Qantas codeshare flight for an Emirates aircraft, you will be entitled to your Qantas member baggage allowance. This benefit is also true for Emirates codeshare flight for Qantas aircraft for Emirates Skyward members.

Unfortunately, I don’t have first hand experience and the advice you received seems to suggest otherwise.

These are the websites I looked up.