What are your seating tips for Qantas A380 First Class?

Hi guys,

I’m flying Qantas A380 First later this year with my wife. Do any of you know the cabin layout enough to say whether sitting in two A seats would make more sense, or an F/K combo on either side of the right hand side aisle? The suites seem so private that we probably wouldn’t even be able to see each other.

What do people think?

You can still see each other if you want to as the screens move up and down from memory. F and K would be ok, but if you want to look out one of the many many windows in your suite, A is nice and the views can be spectacular, especially flying from Dubai.

I’d suggest going for 2 x window seats in front of each other, if possible. A or K side - in theory A is better as less foot traffic, but not a big deal really.

If you can’t, then don’t go for A and F, as you’ll be split by the solid partition. F and K much better for being able to at least interact a bit during the flight.