What are the ways to earn instant Qantas Points?

Hi all,
im in bit of a bind, i want to book flights but i need points fairly quickly to restore my lost points. I have already used qantas wines, just wondering if anyone knew of any other points that are credited to the QFF account quickly?
Also how long does it usually take points from ebay to appear in account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rockpool dining group points are generally almost instant.

A beer or quick feed at Bavarian Bier Cafe might be the go (depending on whether they have anything near you!)

I’ve earned 1000 pts from using the Qantas wellbeing app. If you’re with Snap Fitness or Fitness First you can regularly earn points every time you join or access the gym - or even just for watching the tutorial videos (at Snap).

Qantas credit cards are the best way - from my understanding the Amex Qantas Ultimate earns the most Qantas points.

Hi Schulzie,
The absolute quickest way to get Qantas points is from actually flying. The points generally appear within an hour or two of your flight. As you already know, Qantas Wine is also very quick to credit your points. After that you’re probably pushing it. Even if you signed up for a credit card that is quick to credit points (eg. AmEx) and you met the minimum spend more-or-less immediately, it would take a bare minimum of a week to 10 days to go through the process of application, application approved, receiving your card, activation, spending, receiving the points.
I haven’t received Qantas points from eBay for a year or so (I now credit my eBay spend to Velocity) but from memory it takes a month.

Hi :slight_smile: Im trying to activate the Q Welbeing app and it sais you need to be referred - do you want to refer me (I belive you get 150pts for doing so)

Hi @jess.on.takeoff , I believe the referral code is optional when signing up/logging in to the Qantas Wellbeing app.

If you are inclined to, this is my referral code war6dzi . Thanks.

Done - THANKS :slight_smile: you should recieve some bonus points now.