What are the likely new routes for the new Singapore Airlines A380 suites class?

Hi All, after EXTENSIVE research and planning - this morning I’ve managed to book myself and my wife from Sydney to London on Singapore Airlines A380s all the way to London from Sydney with Saver Awards!

The flights are SQ 222 Syd > Sing & SQ308 Sing > Lond

I’m also pretty excited as these flights will enable us to spend a fair bit of time trying the Private Room after our first flight and before our morning flight the next day plus allowing us some sleep overnight between flights.

Currently these flights operate the old suites class but my research seemed to indicate that these flights would be the next to get the new A380 Suites product but I was wondering if anyone here had any further information regarding this?


I think it is just speculation as to what routes get the new A380.

This article goes through the current routes: