What are the best ways to use Velocity points for business class upgrades to South Africa?

I am planning a trip in 2018 to South Africa from Melbourne with my family and if possible i would like to be able to upgrade to Business class, however there seems to be no information on Point Hacks on flights to SA and the best options for use of points to get there. If any one has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. I have some frequent flyer points on Velocity due to work so i presume Melb to Perth on VA and then Perth to SA on SAA (even though they’re product looks awful), is my best option?

call up Velocity to see availability:


If you wish to use your velocity points, I can see two straight forward options.


Velocity FF: Flying on Singapore Airlines. Redeem business seats outright 121k  VFF 1 pax 1 way

Upgrading is not allowed with points on non-VA flights. https://www.pointhacks.com.au/velocity-points-virgin-australia-upgrades-guide/

Krisflyer FF: Flying on Singapore Airlines. Redeem business seats outright 61625 KF 1 pax 1 way


Econ->Business 51k per seat

Prem. Ecom -> Business 36.55k per seat

Econ-> Prem. Econ 26.35k per seat

Note: upgrading from Econ, you need to have paid for the most expensive economy tickets. Sometimes its worthwhile buying prem. econ if the price is similar.

Since you are booking for 2018, do book 11-12 mths in advance for better chance of save tickets.

VFF transfers to KF at 1.35:1 reduction.

Booking using KF normally has higher surcharge than VFF

Do check award availabilities before buying tickets.

Thanks for the suggestions, it gives me a few more options to consider.

Hi there

my family did booked via rewards points for Joburg flights this December (but it was prior to Etihad redemption points / tax change)

mel - Joburg via Abu Dhabi with Etihad bus class was approx 120,000 points from memory (my brother’s flight) one way.

When I rang velocity to book (same departure date but from Bris) the business class option they could offer was bne - Mel - per - Joburg (SAA). Points all the same. I probably would’ve preferred Etihad but are returning with them for trip home. Econ option one way at the time was 62,500 points plus taxes - but also changed in June I think.

I found it easiest to call the call centre to work out all available options.

good luck