What are the best ways to use Qantas Points for flights from Brisbane to Toronto?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been following Point Hacks for a couple of years now and thought I would finally post a question for some help with the best way of using my qff points, booking, purchasing flights to Toronto mid this year.

Myself, my wife, our 2 year old and our new born (will be 4 months when we travel) are heading from Brisbane to Toronto for 3 weeks in July and I am trying to find the best way use or purchase these flights.
At the moment I have saved 250,000 qantas points and looking at transferring a credit card balance to another service to obtain some bonus points to use for this trip. Our frequent flyer status is only Bronze ?
Does anyone know how I can use points for tickets from BNE>LAX>YYZ. Is my best option to just purchase the tickets and try use the points for an upgrade? Looking at $7500 for the family to get there this time around ?
We used points last year for an upgrade (one way BNE>LAX) to business which was incredible for us as our first born was only 11 months old and made the flight so much easier and with remaining points we traveled back in premium economy.
If anyone had any suggestions it would be must appreciated.
Thank you ?

Hi Luke,

BNE-LAX-YYZ costs 110k (econ), 168k (prem/econ mix), 224k (business) return. Half of that if one way. Flying Qantas/American Airlines.

BNE-LAX costs 90k (econ), 144k (prem econ), 192k (business) return.

If you go with the upgrade with points avenue, it can be a stressful wait until closer to departure date to find out whether you will get upgraded. You also need to buy a more expensive economy ticket (not the cheapest sale ticket) to qualify for upgrading, which may or may not eventuate into a business upgrade and you end up paying more than you should for economy. It really depends how badly you want to fly business class and how certain you want to lock down your travel expectations.

Another issue is your planned travel date of July, it is peak travel season and without any significant QFF status, there is a very high chance of you not getting any upgrades.

I would suggest having a play at Qantas Classic Reward searches for July and look at availabilities for Premium Economy and Business before you decide.

Maybe some others including savvy parents can weigh in on this.