What are the best ways to use Amex points to book a JAL flight?

Hi, I am very new to all the points and different programmes. We have a lot of AMEX points and are going to Japan later in the year.  We want to book a JAL flight so my question is can I transfer the points to Cathay’s Air Miles then book or upgrade our flights on JAL?  Thanks


JAL and CX are both part of the One World alliance, so yes I think CX points can be used for a JAL flight. CX points can be used only to book a JAL flight, but not to request an upgrade.

My recommended steps are:

  • open Cathay Pacific Air Miles account
  • call Air Miles and find how many points are required for a economy/business flight for Aus to Japan
  • Find a suitable award space seat on the required date(s)
  • Transfer sufficient AMEX points to Cathay Pacific (allow a couple of days for this to go through)
  • Use Cathay Pacific Air Miles site or call them, to make the booking
Regards, Bluenose.


Thanks Bluenose for that information.  That is a great help.