What are the best ways to redeem Business return Sydney to Europe with Amex MR Points?

Hi All,

My fiancee and I are getting married July of 2017 and we want to go to Europe for our honey moon and I’m thinking it’ be good to use points for these flights.

I’ve been learning about and saving points, particularly Amex Membership Rewards through the Platinum Edge card for the last few years and have 140,000 Amex points and 30,000 QANTAS points. I know that won’t be enough for both tickets but might be a good start.

What would be the best way to do this? Here a few things to perhaps guide answers:

  • We can be a little bit flexible with dates but we cannot fly out before July 8.
  • We're not really worried about extending our travels with stopovers in other areas so no need to consider that
  • We are mostly looking at traveling UK but don't mind where we actually land in Europe
  • We have no status with any airline
  • We don't mind which airline we fly with but would prefer lie flat seats

Not sure what other factors would be relevant but happy to answer any questions which arise.

I also know this is a broad question but any guidance on how to plan such a trip would be great.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the wedding.

SYD-LHR one way business class cost (economy cost in brackets):

87k Enrich (45k)

80.75k Krisflyer (40375 econ or 74375 in prem econ)

110k Asia Miles (70k)

127.5k Velocity (59.8k)

128k Qantas (60k)

So if you are after 4 x one way business class flights, I would have to say you are still short by some points/miles. There are some quicker ways to add to your point balance via credit card sign up bonuses but please consider your own personal financial situation.

Another  valid issue is the fact that the July/August is peak season for travel to Europe. Availabilities of award seats would be scarce if you intend to book now.

You can search for award seats availabilities yourself and have a look.

Good luck.