What are the best ways to quickly achieve Virgin Velocity Gold Status?

Hello Point Hackers,

I have been chasing Gold Status with Virgin - access to the lounge will be incredible on a few long red eye flights that I have coming up.

I am quite close to silver and I have discovered that Virgin have a program called Pilot Gold - essentially similar to a status match that several of the American Airlines (Delta, American, United etc) all do, however Virgin are restricting this to business customers only!

Has anyone had any experience with getting access to this program, or have any more tips on how I can secure that Gold Status. Perspective - overnight flight coast to coast in the US, and then back to Europe from New York - translation 2 overnight flights in 3 days those lounge showers will be well appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance!


Hi James,

PH article about Pilot Gold earlier this year - here.

If you are willing to, there is a recent article on getting Vel Gold in 1 trip, here.

Alternatively, you can look at purchasing some lounge memberships. I would Google “paid lounge memberships”. Off the top of my head, I can thinking of Priority Pass, AA 30 day lounge pass.

Just have to double check the memberships would provide you with a suitable lounge at the airports you are flying from.

Thanks very much for your response, I was hoping someone had found a loophole but looks like they are well closed these days!