What are the best ways to Maximise the value of my QFF points from Melbourne to Las Vegas

Hi all,

I am going over to the US on the 26th of October returning on the 9th of November.

I have about 400,000FF points and am wondering what is the best way to gain the maximum value from them.

I am happy to do a day flight over on economy but would prefer to come home in business if possible.

I have flown business on the 380 once before and it is hard to go back to cattle class.

As I am going Melbourne- Las Vegas am I better to go Melbourne - LAX then grab an internal flight from LAX to Vegas?

I am thinking of hiring a car at Vegas on the way home and spending a few days around Los Angeles before coming back to Australia.

Also as far as status credits go, what is the best way to gain the credits. Sorry but I hope this makes some sense to all of the experts out there but I would value your expertise with this before I book flights and Bugger the show up.


From a quick search, there are no award seats in business on Qantas or AA for the entirety of October and November (in both directions) between all combinations of Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane > LAX, San Fran or Dallas Fort Worth. Most seats between Australia and North America are taken within days of being released, so you’re booking a bit late.

There are a few seats in premium economy between Melbourne and LAX though, which might interest you?

If you have high status with Qantas you could also try your luck at an upgrade. Just make sure you purchase the right ticket type to allow upgrades. If you don’t have any Qantas status, your chances of an upgrade a very slim.

I am not sure what you mean by ‘as far as status credits go, what is the best way to gain the credits’?

Thanks for your reply,

I do not have a lot of status credits so my BC ticket is not looking good.

The alternitives are not looking good on what you have searched for me,

thanks again



I’m also not sure what you mean by maximising status credits and also mentioning award seats? you don’t earn status credits on rewards flights. however, you could on points + pay booking.


it is worth a thought,

could you navigate me through the booking process with Qantas please,

sorry to be a pain but I am unsure of the process



Would I be best to speak with Qantas direct?