What are the best ways to maximise my Velocity Points for a family trip to France?

Sorry, just learning here!

I have a business where I spend minimum $150,000 per month excluding ATO. Currently I am using ANZ rewards platinum visa and amex, American express reserve (for Velocity) and occasionally Westpac earth black (Qantas) . I am concerned because these are not business cards that one day the bank will stop me using them. Advice on other rewards cards to use to use for business expenses would be helpful.

Also, I have approx. 600,000 Velocity points and I want to take my family to France (avoiding Paris - maybe into Milan or Zurich) around 29th December. Should I try to book Virgin or convert to Krisflyer and try to get seats on SG or a partner? Previously I have not had any difficulty booking Virgin but harder to get Qantas, however I think it is getting harder now. Westpac do not award any points for ATO even using their Amex.

All advice gratefully accepted.


Hi Louise - in future try to break your questions into individual posts to make it easier to answer. Thanks!

You are right to consider moving your Business spend onto a business specific card. We can’t make personal card recommendations here on Point Hacks but there are some of the key business rewards points cards listed on the credit cards page.

On your flights question, you should confirm availability and pricing before making any points transfers, of course. Given that’s such a busy travel period, award availability will probably the deciding factor, rather than getting the best deal with a specific frequent flyer program.