What are the best ways to maximise my QFF points to get TRUE business class seats from Melbourne to Phuket?

Hi there,
I was wondering if someone who is an expert on maximising QFFpoints usage could assist me.
We (two adults) are heading back over to Phuket in January 2017 and as I have over 300,000 QFF points am hoping to get some good advice / value on using some of these points.
If we travel at night we would prefer to go business class as at least we can get a sleep in, but as we recently returned from Phuket to Melbourne business class on the Dreamliner, it was not a full lay back bed type of seat, which did the job but as some of you would say is the " poor mans business class"
Is there anyway that we could fly direct with an airline which offers the luxury of a full lay back seat but still utilising some of my points?
I would appreciate your input. I guess that I don’t want to waste my points but get the best value out of them like the rest of us.
Thanks for reading this post

Hi Rossco,\r\nAlthough availability will be the issue, you can also fly Melbourne to Sydney and hitch on the Sydney to Bangkok Emirates flight EK418.\r\nBut be aware that EK418 is operated by a Boeing 77W, not the Airbus A380, so you won’t get the staggered seat with truly flat bed.\r\nThe 77w product is an angled bed and the seating arrangement is 2-3-2, so its best to avoid the middle seats.

Thanks Nelson for your response\r\nRossco

Yeah its tricky because of that route - only uses jetstar really. You could however Go Bangkok or singapore business class then catch a cheap flight from there.


As far as I am aware, the only direct flight between Melbourne and Phuket is operated by Jetstar, which does not have a lay flat bed. As such, you’d have to fly to Phuket via another city which is serviced by planes with lay flat beds. Given you have Qantas points, one option is:

  • Melbourne>Singapore on Qantas or Emirates
  • Singapore>Phuket on Jetstar
  • Phuket>Singapore on Jetstar
  • Singapore>Melbourne on Qantas or Emirates
Another option could be via Kuala Lumpur using Malaysia Airlines/Emirates.

You can search for availability on these routes using the multi-city search tool on Qantas’ website. I am not sure how many points it would be, but I’d guess you could do it for less than 300,000.

The main downside to this option is you will spend more time of your holiday in stopovers at airports, which could be as much as a whole day depending on the connections. However, you would get to try some great business class products.

Thank you for your response,

it might be a Jetstar job I think



Thanks mate for the advise, a bit of a catch 22 situation, I guess that if I want direct flights it will have to be Jetstar

thanks again