What are the best ways to maximise 320,000 Qantas Points?

I’ve just been given a generous wedding gift of 320,000 qantas points. The idea is that I’ll use them to get to our honeymoon in Africa. Just wondering if you think that’s the best use of the points? Is there a way that I can get long term benefit from this windfall? Maybe some status or something?

Any advice appreciated,


the only way to convert this status is to use “point plus pay” and convert points to a status earning (and points earning airfare). the redemption value is not great compared to getting business rewards flight but if one of your goals is getting higher tier status.

Your considerations are mainly probably going to be whether is award availability for your planned honeymoon dates as to whether you can get the most from these points, and if not, whether you have other trips you can use them for.

There’s no long term benefit I can think of, other than saving you money / allowing you to travel better when flying (good value) or redeeming for goods (poor value). If you have some specific decisions to make around your trip after doing more research on what’s available, please come back and ask another question if you need help deciding.