What are the best ways to maximise 280k Velocity Points for a trip to Europe/East Coast USA?


I was hoping with your vast knowledge of everything flyer points related you might be able to advise me how to make use of the 280k in velocity points i have in order to get two people into business or first class return to either europe to east coast usa? Happy to do a points + pay option if it makes the points work better?


I forgot to mention i also have $4000 in flight centre vouchers i can use to book towards the flights… So im guessing singapore airlines will be my only option by transffering Velocity to KF to upgrade via points?

Hi Jlykke,

290k Velocity points could  get you to New York 1 way for 2 with the following

Virgin Australia (Business)

SYD-LAX =95500 Velocity

Delta (Business)

LAX-JFK = 49500 Velocity


280k Velocity gets you 207k Krisflyer - Could only get you so far too.

Australia-Europe=80750 (112625) Krisflyer (incl 15% online discount)

Australia-New York=85000 (119000) Krisflyer


You best option is probably using your $4000 flight centre voucher to buy economy tickets and upgrade with your points.

SYD-LHR Economy $1000 1 way per person

SYD-LAX Economy $1300 1 way per person

SYD-LAX Economy $1500 1 way per person

Upgrade Econ-Business

Australia-Europe 75000 Krisflyer (not incl. online discount)

Australia-USA West Coast 75000

Upgrade Business- First

Australia-Europe 77500 Krisflyer (not incl. online discount)

Australia-USA West Coast 77500


Bear in mind that availability of flights are very low.

Good luck.