What are the best ways to leverage my VA Gold status for return flights from Brisbane to Dubai/Europe?

Planning a business trip to Dubai in July 16. Then a personal trip to Europe after. I currently have VA GOLD status but expires in April 16.

  1. VA/SQ/Eithad don't fly direct to Dubai. Only really QF / Emirates to choose ?
  2. Best way to leverage VA Gold before it expires in April for concessions in July
  3. Best airlines for BNE-DXB-IST-BCN-BNE ?
  4. Use around the world ticket or buy sectors ?
thanks in advance for any tips ( 1st time to Europe).


I would advise if you are trying to stay with a VA aligned partner you can fly EY. They fly non stop from Australia to Abu Dhabi. From there if flying in economy you are entitled to a coach transfer from Abu Dhabi airport to their office in Dubai. I have utilised this service before and it is efficient. If you are travelling in business/first and as long as not in the cheapest business (not entitled to limo) you can book a complimentary limo from the airport to hotel in Dubai as no restrictions in distance in UAE.\r\nHope this helps!

Thanks Rob C. what is the travel time Abu Dhabi to Dubai ?

It would be approx. 1 - 1 1/2 hours depending on traffic.

You can also get this booked as a through fare to Istanbul with EY with the stopover in Dubai. You may need to call EY directly though to add the bus transfer if going in economy or limo if business/first.