What are the best ways to get point hacking notifications and reminders based on my preferences?

Hi there, I am forever searching a website that can retain some details about what I want, what I spend, my salary bracket etc. existing cards past 12 months etc such that suitable good deals can be filtered.  For example I am only interested in Qantas redeemable points, high salary, have Amex cards already etc.

I also then want reminders to set up for me to - use my free reserve card flight by x date.  Consider cancelling/renewing card by y date.

This way I can automate my point hacking!  I have been collecting points for many years and love the ability to do this but it’s a hassle to have to proactively find deals and remember to cancel cards or use flights etc.

Can this site do this for me or recommend a site that can?  Particularly the filtering of my requirements as the data is on here - just not the matching to my info.


Not sure what you are expecting from this site. This site doesn’t give tailored individual notifications.\r\n\r\nI’m not aware of any specific website that does what you’re wanting. Like everyone else you just need to do your own research and regularly check key websites of interest.

Thanks for the question, and the ideas. I am working on couple of the simpler elements of what you’ve mentioned as I grow Point Hacks more this year, so keep an eye out.

That said, right now I have no plans for specific filtering and notifications of specific types of deals or opportunities. It would be very helpful to readers to be able to do this but there’s no commercial model (outside of paid subscriptions) that I’ve thought of so far that would support that.

Opted-in reminders of specific deals or other notifications where you explicitly state ‘I want a reminder about this specific deal, credit card etc’ are easier to accomplish and an area I want to explore further.

Hopefully that gives you a little insight on why you can’t find what you’re looking for. I’d be interested to know if you’d be willing to pay for your perfect service and what it would be worth you though…

I am new to this site but I am a self proclaimed “Points Pig” and always chasing Status Credits deals. I also could not find a site or app that did what you seemed to be looking for or suggested so I built my own spreadsheet that now manages every thing for me based on what I want to use my points for. It is not that hard to do, a few different sheets, e.g. Qantas, Aquire, Velocity, Kriss, Status Credits, Banking, Hilton, SPG, cars ets, it is all interlinked and basic code. It tracks Points earn, bonus points, SC, cards applied dates, cancelled dates, required spend and some simple  recommendations on if a card should be applied for i.e. Is the minimum spend worth the effort of application. It also manages application dates so I can understand if it may impact my credit rating, although this is not an exact science.

It took a couple of attempts but now works well for myself, it also tracks my partners accounts. I am not sure what the average Point Hack readers/ subscribers points earn rate is, my earn rate with Qantas bank promo’s, CC usage, flights and family pooling/ transfers is just over 1M in 9 months (approx 1.2M per annum just with Qantas, this is year on year) Velocity, Kriss, cars and Hotels are on top of this. My earn rate may not be as high as some but it works for me, I am only after 1 to 2 BC or upgraded FC trips for the family on an annual basis.

If I was not so time poor I would investigate developing a paid for app, the problem with an app it would need to cover all major airlines, cards hotels etc and I just do not know all the details of the reward programs out there.

just my 2 bobs worth. All the best.

BTW, Keith, I like the info you provide.