What are the best ways to find Business rewards seats to NYC for November 2016 using Qantas FF?


I have 650k Qantas FF points but I cannot find business class seats for flights going to the US from Sydney for 2 weeks.

We need to be in New York from Nov 1 to Nov 8th (NYC marathon week)

Flexible on where we fly through and wanting to stop off on the way there and back for a few days somewhere.

Also have an AMEX card, Visa card and Master card all linked  to Qantas.

Any advice appreciated  Thank you.

Hi Sharon,

There is basically no chance of getting business class seats from Sydney to (LA, San Fran or Dallas) to NYC in business class in November on Qantas or American Airlines. You generally have to book 11 months in advance to get these flights as they are very popular and not many seats are released.

The only other option I can think of would be to go the US via a more indirect route. This could include:

  • SYD to Hong Kong to NYC on Cathay (164,000 points, per person, one-way in business);
  • SYD to Dubai to NYC on Emirates (196,000 points, per person, one-way in business); or
  • SYD to Doha to NYC on Qatar (196,000 points, per person, one-way in business).
Unfortunately Qantas is likely to price these are two separate tickets, so the cost one-way, person in business is very high. The only option which appears to have any availability for 2 people in business both ways is the Emirates option.

On the Qantas website you can use the multicity booking tool to search for the individual segments using classic rewards and piece them together. There is a guide to searching and booking Qantas flights here (http://www.pointhacks.com.au/qantas-round-the-world-classic-award-guide/)


Sorry, I should have mentioned it might be possible to book a round the world class reward for 280,000 points as mentioned here: http://www.pointhacks.com.au/qantas-round-the-world-classic-award-guide/

However, given how late you are booking, it will be very difficult to piece together all the necessary legs (particularly crossing the Pacific Ocean).