What are the best ways to book Business return flights to the UK using Qantas FF points?

So between my husband and I we almost have 750,000 Qantas FF points. I am desperate to book business class return flights to the UK for June 2017. Is my best bet to look online around 12 months in advance and keep checking everyday? Also does anyone know if a child ticket costs the same number of points as an adults?!

Thanks in advance

You have more than enough points for two return business tickets from Australia to the UK, including on partner airlines such as Qatar who costs a bit more in points.

Qantas releases its award seats 353 days before departure so that is the best time to look (i.e. June 2016). Given it is the same amount of points whether you book a one-way or return, you should search for your UK-bound seats as soon as the award window opens, then do them same for you return. Don’t worry about trying to book them as a single ticket.

As long as you can be flexible by a few days, I’d say you have a really good chance of getting two business seats. Just make yourself familiar with the Qantas search engine and then keep checking multiple times a day when it is 353 days out.


Oh great thank you!

Good tip re: booking each leg seperately thanks.

We will also be taking our 3yr old. Do you know if a child’s ticket costs less points than an adults would by any chance?!