What are the best ways of using Velocity Points to get to Europe?


I am a bit new to this department. Using some of the excellent tips from Point Hacks I have accumulated 350K Velocity points in about 18months just using a Amplify Visa and a Velocity Platinum Amex.
The end game for me is to use the points every 24 months for a trip to Europe business class.
Reading articles on Point Hacks, I am getting confused. According the points charts on VA it quotes about 130k business each way to Europe. Then if I go to the VA booking website and have a look, even 9 months out it can be quoting 500k or more each way!

How does one book and secure a business return flight to Europe with VA, Etihad or Sing air for 130Kish each way? How early do I need to call them?

Plan A would be to use points for one return fare and buy a second for my wife, therefore gain lots of status credits and miles in order to go again later.

thanks for the advice and a great website.



You will need to find a “Business Rewards” ticket, which I could find SYD-CDG on the 15 Nov via Singapore Airlines. This category of award space is generally called the ‘saver fare’, which cost less points and is limited especially on popular routes to EU and USA.

To increase your chances of scoring these, book 11/12 mths in advance if possible.

Redeeming Etihad flights with Velocity points involves a high surcharge per leg. E.g. SYD-AUH-LHR is 2 legs hence VFF charge an additional U$205 x 2 per passenger (if redeemed). Double this cost if you redeem a return flight with Velocity points to fly Etihad.

You can redeem Etihad, Virgin, Singapore Airlines through the VirginAustralia website if you prefer that over calling.

Redemption tickets generally do not earn points or status points. If you want the points from flights in your name, you should redeem the tickets for your wife and book the revenue fare in your name.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Plan ahead indeed.