What are the best routes from Glasgow to Sydney using Qantas Points?


I want to use points to fly Sydney - Glasgow - Sydney in November this year.

We can fly Emirates over there going Sydney - Dubai - Glasgow, but it looks like the only route back using points is Qantas/BA going Glasgow - London - Melbourne - Sydney. Does anyone know why or how I can fly Emirates back to Sydney?


Hi! I assume that the return flight isn’t available due to points availability for your dates.
In that case you don’t have many options. This is what you could do:

  1. Increase your flexibility in your travel dates to see if you find an award seat
  2. Do some more in-depth routes on Qantas partners that maybe Qantas didn't search for - for example Finnair is operating to Helsinki from Edinburgh. Try and get creative with your own research.
  3. Continue to monitor availability as your travel date gets closer. Often availability can change in the weeks and days prior to travel, and you could get a better routing by paying the change fee to change your booking.