What are the benefits of having an Award wallet / Points.com account?

Is anybody a member of the above points bank providers. Is there any benefit in joining these programs.

Hi Richard,

Personally, I have Award Wallet. It is helpful because it keeps track of my >10 FF account and give me a summary of my balances and when the points/miles will expire. Saving me from having to login to each account.

Ok, tks for the response. I don’t think Keith has covered this on PH so was interested to know if there are any benefits. I will look to signing up.




Having quick access to all my different account numbers is extremely useful.

points.com gives you a 500 Aeroplan bonus on signing up, apparently. So I did. It appears you can use this to transfer points between programs, but the majority of airline programs don’t take part in that bit, possibly unsurprisingly.

I’ve used TripIt Pro to keep a look at my points in the past, and will probably continue to do that since I use the app for keeping my flight/hotel details.