What are my options for Haneda airport bag drop and lounge options before 6 am?

Keen to understand how you can drop bags off at Haneda before 6 am if you are flying on JAL in business? For example, if you have a flight at departing at 9 am, can you do a bag drop-off at 4 am? Based on the link below, it seems like the earliest you can do is 6 am.

JAL | [TOKYO (HANEDA)] TOKYO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT / Arrivals and departures (Airport Guide (Destination))

Also what are the lounge options at Haneda if you are flying out at 7 am on Qantas business?

According to QF themselves, lounge access for QF business is just the JAL Sakura lounge (not ideal considering only open at 6).

My understanding is basically nothing at the airport is open before 6 as the curfew at the airport means arrivals and departures don’t start until after 5.

Thanks @djtech - The only lounge I can see open 24 hours is the Sky/Tiat lounge (accessible via Priority Pass which I do have). Is it any good?