What are my chances of getting upgraded when requesting on a Virgin domestic flight? - pregnant Velocity Gold member

I am just curious what my odds are at getting bumped to a better seat on short haul domestic flying Virgin Australia whilst pregnant? I am due to head solo to Sydney at 28 weeks pregnant in 3 week’s time and then due to travel to Melbourne at 34 weeks pregnant with my sister and mother. I am feeling pretty good with a cruisey pregnancy but aware I will become bigger and more uncomfortable. I wanted to know if I should be cheeky and ask if available seating to bump me into business or if they even do things like this anymore off their own accord? I am flying out of Gold Coast FYI

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can always ask and I think your chance is pretty good.

On a related note: it is very cheeky of you to mention pregnant and Virgin in the title.

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My guess is that describing the chance of an upgrade from economy to business as “pretty good” may be overstating things a bit! Given that you’re travelling on Virgin 737s, remember that they have only 8 business seats to begin with, and any unsold ones are generally allocated to the highest bidders, or people upgrading using points, before check in.

It’s not all bad though: I fly Virgin a lot (I’m Velocity Gold) and I probably get bumped from normal economy to Economy X about 10% of the time – and I am male and never at any time pregnant. You could try either asking for an Economy X seat off the bat, or you could – cheekily, as you say! – ask for a business upgrade and, upon refusal, try “well could you at least help me with a bit of extra legroom?” or words to that effect. Expect to be disappointed, but hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

All the best with your requests and with your pregnancy!


Thanks! I forgot to mention I am also Velocity Gold and I often as for economy x or emergency exit upon check in as hubby and I are quite tall and if available they are usually pretty good and move us.
I will give it a whirl and see how I go :grinning: Thanks!


I think you have an excellent chance of receiving at least Economy X if you ask on check in or at the lounge.
My colleague (Velocity Plat) had a 100% success rate during her pregnancy late last year and earlier this year.
Just ask enquire if they have any spare seats in Economy X as you’re pregnant, or in her words, spreading sideways as well in front!

Good luck