What are my chances of getting my flight cancellation fees refunded from Asia Miles?

I cancelled HKG reward flights about 2 weeks ago due to C-19 worries. Cost was USD$600 and points and taxes have been refunded.
They now offer fee free change of bookings so I have written asking for a refund.

What are my chances?

Hi @gazza

Sorry if I’m being dense but I’m not sure I understand you. You cancelled your reward flights, and your “points and taxes” were “refunded”.

Now you’re wondering what your chances are of getting a refund.

Sorry, not following you…

Hang on, I think I get what you’re saying – the cost of the cancellation was US$600 and you were “refunded” the points and taxes minus the $600 cancellation fee? Am I correct in understanding that that’s what happened?

What are your chances of getting back that US$600? Not high, but things are moving so quickly and airline policies are changing so quickly that there’s absolutely no harm in asking.

My advice would be to settle down with a drink in front of the TV with your laptop, open a live chat with Asia Miles, wait for an hour or two to get to the top of the queue, and ask them via the live chat. You’ll get a more-or-less immediate response rather than waiting for maybe a week or more for them to reply to your written request.

Thanks…Yes that’s right. The $600 USD cancellation fees. Let you know what happens.