What are my chances of getting an upgrade to Business Class on Qantas flight from Singapore to Melbourne using Qantas points?

A question for the community out there please?
I am thinking of flying QF36 from Singapore to Melbourne probably middle July 2018.
As I have a travel credit courtesy of AMEX Qantas, I should be purchasing a QF revenue ticket (probably Premium Economy – Discounted, if not Saver); and putting in a request for an upgrade.
In terms of hierarchy on QFF, i am on the lowest of the low rung …
Reading Matt’s article 10 May 2018 article on ‘A comprehensive guide to how Qantas upgrades work’, it appears that i have only the slimmest chance to succeed :slight_smile:
Anyone out who are in a similar frequent flyer status as myself (Bronze) have had/or not success with such a strategy?
Welcome your thoughts all.
Thank you

Hiall\r\nJust to have it on record for others in the community as a reference, though things should have changed in any case. \r\n#1 - I flew from Singapore on 17 July on QF36. The flight was chock-a-block; and I was told later that this period is at the tail-end of the holiday season (obviously I do not have kids and I did not think of checking this aspect as my itinerary is quite inflexible and beyond my control). \r\n#2 - Naturally, being at the bottom rungs of the QFF program, and due to #1 above, I did not get an upgrade. I was notified in the afternoon by email around 8 hours before my flight. And I can safely conclude that however good PST seats are meant to be, they are not in the same league as ‘flat-bed’ J class for sure. I hardly slept a wink and made do with a 90mins nap at home later on in the afternoon. \r\n#3 - Even though I had a complimentary invitation to the Qantas Lounge, I was prevented from entering the QL in Singapore due to ‘capacity control’ and diverted to SATS Premier Lounge instead. As this issue was reported by Ausbt early on in July 2018, I was expecting this outcome hence I wasn’t exactly surprised - just disappointed!!! \r\nHappy flying everyone. \r\nChris


I personally don’t like to go on the Qantas upgrade lottery. However, each to their own. Just go into this with the expectation that the upgrade would not happen and if an upgrade does clear, think of it as a bonus.

1 tip is to make sure your fare class purchased is eligible for upgrading with points.

As you have mentioned, Bronze members are at the bottom rung of the upgrade ladder and it is by order of who request the upgrade first.

Good luck.