What are my chances of getting a business class upgrade from Paris CDG to Skopje SKP using Lifemiles?


I possess a star alliance gold card from avianca.  I have lifemile points,
Im trying to get from Paris CDG to Skopje SKP on June the 9th

Is there anyway I can upgrade a paid economy fare on a star alliance network airline to business class??

Adria airlines, Austrian, Czech and  Croatia airlines all have suitable flights in economy.

Please help!

is this another of your serious questions? there may be exceptions, but as far as I know you can only use airline points/miles to upgrade with that same airline (or where they have the same flyer program eg air france/KLM)\r\n\r\nsecondly, you go on about having lots of miles, so why aren’t you just redeeming for a business flight in the first place?

Mark, \r\n\r\nIs that another serious answers??\r\n\r\nIt would be easy just to redeem miles purchased, I was simply asking if there is any other options. With the millemiglia program, once on gold status the individual is entitled 4 free business class upgrades. Therefore, Its not about ME having points to book business class flights in the first place, RATHER me asking for any useful information ( as I have provided you above ).

My answer is serious. Your question would be best directed to life miles program directly. They could tell you if it is possible, even check upgrade availability. It is highly unlikely anyone on an Australian forum would know about business class upgrades from Paris to Skopje using the life miles program to apply to smaller European airlines.\r\n\r\nLook forward to your next question

A quick web search would tell you what you can redeem the free upgrades for

Hi Dojka,

If I was you, for a guaranteed business class flight from CDG to SKP, I would use LifeMile points to redeem it as an award flight.

That way you don’t have to purchase an economy flight on Austrian/Czech/Croatia/who-ever, on a possibly expensive fare that allows upgrades, and note that there is no guarantee your upgrade request will be successful.

Alternatively, Qantas and Virgin have bid-for-an-upgrade options. I’m not familiar with Austrian/Czech/etc. Do they allow bids? Note that when you total the bill of buying the economy seat and the upgrade bid, this may be more expensive than buying a business class seat in the first place.

In summary, your best option is to use your points to redeem for a business class award.

Regards, Bluenose.