What are my chances as a Qantas bronze member of booking a Oneworld RTW ticket?

Hi, I have a red Qantas FF status and have 800,000+ points and note more often than not you talk about Silver status and above. Does this mean basically I’ve got little to no hope of getting two RTW tickets for my wife and myself?
Is my only option to go to one of the sites that’ll get the flights for you for a price?
Thanks in advance. Bob

Hi @bob.newman

People with Gold or higher Qantas FF status get access to many Qantas international flights a month or two earlier than Reds such as yourself.

However, this only applies to Qantas flights, not flights on other Oneworld airlines. Most, potentially all, of the airlines you fly on a RTW ticket will not be Qantas.

So your chances of successfully booking a RTW ticket as a Qantas FF Red are only slightly lower than those with higher status.

I hope this helps and all the best as you research and prepare your RTW adventure!

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